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Thread: starting processes from netcat

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    starting processes from netcat

    I have netcat running on my comp downstaris and when I try to execute WinXP apps (say notepad.exe) they get launched as background processes and not as foreground apps(on the remote computer). So when I launch notepad.exe, I can see it in the Task Manager processes tab but not as an app. In short, I can't use it because it is running in the background. Is there a way to run them normally? i've noticed that they will run normal if i add a /max or /min argument to them, but is there a way to execute it and have it just start normally? also, how do you start processes in the background like that regularly?

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    use the start command.
    e.g. c:\start cmd will popup a window
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    net cat doesnt have an "interact with desktop" option like psexec does. use psexec

    i believe whatever you 'start' will still be confined to the shell your using although running in a seperate memory space
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