Hey Hey,

I'm currently working on a CTY (Computer Systems Technology) 3-year diploma. After I complete that, I plan on going for a Programmer Analyst Diploma or else my B.Sc in CompSci. Well see how it goes and how far in debt I am.

I also work for the college I attend as a STSS (doesn't that sound cool ). I'm a Student Technical Support Specialist (or a technician. heh).. I deal with IT students (harddrive/ram swaps, paperwork, software installs and support). I also deal with photography students for the same issues, and apparently next year broadcasting students. I also deal with residence students doing software and network support. I spent my first week on the job with a Fluke Link Runner mapping switch ports to rooms (boy what a fun job). Lastly, I deal with our e-learning portal.. providing tech support for students with website issues. Login problems, email problems, everything like that. My latest projects have been a port scanner (yes the networking student was chosen to write it over the programmers hehe..), which is available on AO, and a macro for removing looped emails (nothing special, but I managed to impress people with ingenuity). My future plans at work (in a few hours actually) will be a php front-end for adding more ports to the list of ports to scan, as well as running manual scans. I've setup an automatted scanning system to scan our residence for virii that open ports.

Other than that, I'm hopefully taking over administrative tasks for a web/mail server and that's about it for work, unless anyone wants duct work installed or fabricated? I used to do that and could use the extra cash.

For fun I write poetry, occasionally work on my website, code ****, play guitar/harmonica/djembe and I'm attempting to get my gf to teach me some piano when she has time. I also enjoy cooking and obviously eating the products Other than that I watch movies and drink a lot.