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Thread: nt loader is missing.....

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    nt loader is missing.....

    I installed counter-strike condition zero in my pc that uses windows 2000. I dont know what happened but my pc crashed. When I restarted it, the message "nt loader missing" appeared. tried to do re-partitioning and formatting but it still wont work. Tried reinstalling win2k through cd-rom but still didnt work. The harddrive can only be detected through cmos set-up.. can anyone here help me...? i dont wanna look stupid or something. I hope u would all understand. Im new here and i got lots of things to learn from what u can advice... Thanks for the help.
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    the best bet to do is to try to scan your system with an antivirus. If you formated you harddrive you should not see the error. Unless you have a floppy in your machine and you forgot all about it.

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    Copy the ntloader file from any other machine which has nt. use the boot disk to boot the system and copy the ntloader file in c: then restart the system.


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    Are you sure it said "nt loader missing" after the format? or did it just say non-system disk, please insert system disk. (or something like that)

    I have had the nt loader missing error... but i forget what i did... i was either messing around with ntoskrnl or i had messed around with my boot loader (lilo has given me some problems). A quick format reinstall got windows working again for me.

    There is a small chance (as qod said) that you were infected by a boot sector virus, but that would be a strange occurance.

    What i would do is get my hands on a windows 98 or later boot disk (floppy) and attempt to run fdisk. You might have messed up your computer's master boot record.

    Hope this helps

    small edit: i just read lok's post...
    checking my c:\ drive i found a file called ntldr (didn't have an extension). This is probably the file you need... of course this machine is running xp pro.
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    *sigh* there must be thousands of threads in google about this and at least 100 of them here.

    read some of the stuff at microshaft.. click here

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