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Thread: The Day That Bush Took Gaza

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    The Day That Bush Took Gaza

    The Day That Bush Took Gaza
    Israel's Exit Plan Will Mean a U.S. Entrance
    Sharon's radical initiative would evacuate all Israeli settlements and military positions, unilaterally, within the next 18 months. His purpose is to end the Israeli occupation of Gaza and thereby absolve Israel of responsibility for the Palestinians there. Indeed, one of the articles of Sharon's disengagement plan declares that it will "obviate the claims about Israel with regard to its responsibility for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip."

    But who's going to take over that responsibility? Not the tattered Palestinian Authority. Not cautious Egypt, which once ruled Gaza. Instead, de facto responsibility for what happens in Gaza once Israel withdraws will fall to the United States. That's the hidden meaning in the president's letter of assurance to Sharon saying that the United States will lead an international effort to build the capacity and will of Palestinian institutions to fight terrorism and prevent the areas from which Israel withdraws from posing a threat.


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    who knows what the hidden agenda is in Washington? Seems to me that America wants to have troops everywhere.

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    Wait.... I thought that's what everyone wants?
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