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Thread: what problems could this cause?

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    what problems could this cause?

    Alabama Atheists Allege Unfair Treatment (again),2933,118046,00.html

    MONTGOMERY, Alabama — When state officials ordered the removal of the Ten Commandments from the Alabama Supreme Court (search) building last year, advocates of church and state separation claimed victory. Eight months later, a new controversy has them crying foul.

    Larry Darby, president of the Atheist Law Center (search), plans to hold a rally outside the state capitol on May 6. At the same time, Christians will gather in observance of the national day of prayer.

    If it rains, state lawmakers will allow the religious gathering to move inside. But when Darby requested the same access for his atheist group, his state representative, Republican Jay Love (search), turned him down.

    "Many of the beliefs that he's espoused and said publicly, a great deal of my district finds offensive. A great deal of the people of Alabama would find offensive," Love said.

    Groups organizing any activity inside Alabama's capitol require the sponsorship of an elected official. But by putting the burden on state legislators to determine what organizations can rally inside the capitol building, critics say the process becomes political.

    Some state officials say atheists may have had better luck securing the capitol had they not chosen to rally on a day honoring religion, especially in this Bible belt state still reeling from the removal of the Ten Commandments (search) statue.


    they plan a rally of Atheist activists to conincide with the national day of prayer and seem to think its a good idea to share space, if it rains or giant rocks start falling from the sky, with the people they offended (screwed)...hey what the hell! i guess they'll be room enough for them where the statue of moses use to be! and for grins and giggles we can throw in some political hawks and anti-war activists and make it a friggen party.

    i hear this as: we're going to have what we want wether you like it or not and <??something??> help you if you take offense at our actions because the constitution only protects us.
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    Why can't these children play nicely together?
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    Damn kids with their drugs and hippie cult religious ways...

    Im still waiting for more peaple to become members of my cult. If I get enought peaple to join it would make |The|Specialistism a official religion. And all govermental buildings would be our religious icons... please knock them down now or we will protest & whine.

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    Here is the deal with most Athiest groups. They always choose the same days as religious holidays or important days to rally and then piss and moan the entire time and spur trouble in every area they can. They are therefore complete and utter bastards. This is only one example, just this year I have seen half a dozen.
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