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Thread: got a scary message

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    got a scary message

    I'm REALLY a newbie, so you whiz persons can't use all the tech language I've seen while browsing. But this scares me.

    Husband said he saw the following pop up on the Dell with MS ME:

    "The following users are connected to your computer (//DANDONA). Continuing will disconnect them. Do you want to continue? Yes. No."

    Needless to say, we don't know any DANDONA. Ran a NAV scan, nothing showed. But then again, about a week ago, we got a message from NAV that it had caught a virus that it couldn't quarantine. But when we ran the scan, it didn't find anything! I probably haven't given you enough info, so please bear with me. Any suggestions?

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    I have gotten a similar message when someone was connected to a share of mine and I unshared it. That may be the case here. In any case though, I would download a firewall asap.
    pick the one of those you like and install it. Any should do the trick, just grab the free version.

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    Is this a laptop that your husband takes around with him or is it a home machine?

    "Dandona" doesn't ring any bells on the virus trojan front, but I have come across a few guys called that...............I think that it is a reasonably common Indian surname?

    Does your machine have file or printer sharing enabled?


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    try going here it will perform a scan and tell you if you have file or print sharring enabled.

    if you dont need it then i suggest shutting it off by using this ->

    more information on port 139 (windows file & printer sharing) can be found here

    I also suggest getting a firewall - i use outpost and have always found it good...they do a pro version or a free version (also has built in ad-blocker) get either of them from here ->


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