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Thread: bispy??

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    Ok i scannned my computer on a few days ago and found two trojans. AVG virus scan said there was a "bispy" trojan found. It healed them but i don't know what type of damage they have caused. I looked up Bispy on symantec but couldn't find anything. Does anyone know about it. I'll give u the full name of the 2 viruses later, im at school rite now.
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    I do not remember anything about a "Bispy" trojan. Sounds like a smaller virus. Not one of the "Mainstream" big worms/trojans.

    Try running a systems scan again using Symantec. If it dosn't come up with anything. Try just letting your computer run normaly. And see if things start acting funny. If things seem funny then the virus is probably still there; or has left some damage.

    I personaly format my Pc when I get hit by a virus/hacker. I save all my personal files to another computer on my network, or onto a disk. Then I format my PC and re-install everything.

    I suggest you do that if you can't seem to find out how to get rid of the virus/damage.
    That is just what I would do. I know its not good news. But put some thought into that idea.
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