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Thread: Kill Bill........

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    Cool Kill Bill........

    Anyone see it? Anyone like it?........
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    Kill Bill... vilence and sex. Things I love... but why does it suck so badly?

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    Yeah, the first one was better I agree with albn you'd think a movie all about violence and sex would be good
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    First one I liked a lot and the second one didnt have as much campy humor. I did love the fact that the guy who taught Bill and Black Mamba (the cantonese guy?) always stroked his beard after he did anything. That cracked me up.
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    Kill Bill 2 sucked ass. I haven't seen the first one, the main problem with the movie is that it is just not enough violence. I bought the bootleg, because I thought itwas going to be worth seeing, Well it turned out that it really wasn't I mean they could of atleast shown you her killing everyone in the church. That would of been cool. I mean what there were like what 3 or 4 fights in the entire thing. That is just bad. I also having known actual martial arts, I looked at the seen where she was buried alive, and I think, if you studied for so long and during that time, you learn to break wood, your telling me that after all that time, you don't know how to do it anymore. You much be kidding me.

    What a joke. I would say that if you want a Semi-Decent story watch it, but don't go to the Movies expecting to see a great action movie. You will leave very disappointed. From all the talk I had heard about Kill Bill 1, I would of thought that this movie would of been a lot better.

    I just consider that this is just another movie to add to the long list of movies, that the first movie is 100 % better then the second. Thought some diaappointing news I heard, while listening to the radio, they are planning on tmaking a second one. Which will only piss me off, because I will have to see it, just to know if they improved on the second.(Though they can't get any worse.)

    I have been thinking about this, and I came up with, that they can have it so that there Sifu taught him the only way to block against that technique. That will be the only thing that I can think of that will make the movie continue, unless they have her go after the lady who's eye she pulled out.

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    Whiz you do nead to see the first 1. Bill and the asassination squad killed all in the church, not her. That is why she wants to Kill Bill. As for the other volumes there is plenty of room for stories. In volume 1 she kills one woman who has a child, that child may want revenge, as she did. Then of course there is her child, who may well have been indoctrinated by Bill for the first years of her life.

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    Ive still got that funny whistling song stuck in my head. During the first half of volume one, I was not very into it. Once the anime scenes came in, I started to "get" what was going on. In the end, I liked it, but find I like it more and more now, a few days after I have watched it. I love the blood spraying scenes, how it sort of half mocks anime violence.

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    Hmm I haven't seen Volume II yet, maybe soon. I kinda liked the first one.

    But Quentin Tarantino always had a bit of a messed up style, so I guess it might not appeal to osme people.

    I hope though that it does not turn into something like James Bond or, better yet, the R-rated Days of Our Lives

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    i havent seen either one of them but they look good and wow the action kinda reminds me of charlies angels which i havent seen either lol

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    WAY too much violence, no story at all..
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