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Thread: Attack Code Targets Windows

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    Attack Code Targets Windows


    Technology - PC World
    Attack Code Targets Windows
    1 hour, 12 minutes ago

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    Paul Roberts, IDG News Service

    Just days after Microsoft warned its customers about the release of code that can exploit a hole in its Secure Sockets Layer library, new code that claims to exploit another recently disclosed hole surfaced on a French language Web site.
    Immediate Threat?

    The Internet Storm Center has not received any reports of the LSASS exploit code being used to compromise Windows systems on the Internet, he says.

    Internet Security Systems is also aware of the new code, but says it does not pose an immediate threat because it requires modification to work on computer networks.

    "The exploit is unreliable and not for use in the wild," says Neel Mehta, research engineer at ISS.

    Not true for exploit code that targets the Microsoft SSL hole, which was released last week. ISS has seen a significant number of exploits using the SSL exploit since Wednesday, Mehta says.
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    i tested the IIS5 SSL exploit from on a single machine (spec. installed for such testing)
    and it's working fine.
    it was really easy to compile, so it's in the wild.
    this could be a VERY BIG problem for your IIS5 server if port 443 is open.
    you should TURN IT OFF ..RIGHT NOW !!!

    the lsass-thing from k.otic i can't test, missing a dll.
    is any discussion about it at AO?

    at governmentsecurity i found a interesting post (related to the ms04-11)
    seen msblast.exe on a vuln machine :/ i think the worm come back through the hole
    youu may browse the diary at SANS starting here:
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