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Thread: **HEads Up.. W32.Beagle.W@mm

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    **HEads Up.. W32.Beagle.W@mm

    Not sure how nasty this one is going to get.. It enters the Charts on Symantec as a Cat 3 ..

    Read the details here:

    Bagal.w info

    McAfee have named it Bagal.z

    Notice that since August of 2003, we have had an average of a cat 2, or above virus, perday and it is not a suprise to our systems to see a cat 4 each week .. or isit that I have been out of this for a while..

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    thanks for the head up...

    to everybody who reads this form. never open emails that look suspect, or from people you don't know (unless you know what your doing).... and for god sakes don't click on that little paperclip untill you scan it with and up-to-date scanner, even then take the results with a grain of salt.

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