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Thread: Linux Boot problem

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    Linux Boot problem


    This question might be trivial, but still I couldn't find a solution. My machine has Linux and Windows 2000 . I choose Linux(RH 9.0) and press enter. After some time it's stuck on "starting sendmail" , I don't know why ? , So I rebooted the machine same problem again, what could be the problem. Now I cannot reach the Login prompt. should I try Linux Rescue ?

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    I was on linux questions when I read your problem, this link might be of some use.

    Im not sure, but you might be able to use knoppix or other bootable to make the alterations suggested in the link


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    You could try booting in singel user mode. I don't think sendmail will load while in this mode. You can also boot from a floppy and mount your hard drive. Then go into your boot manager and disable sendmail. If it is hanging due to sendmail being corrupt, you should be able to boot your system and then do a reinstall of sendmail.

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