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Thread: Unknown sound problem

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    Unknown sound problem

    I was listening to music on my system earlier on, installed shoutcast and winamp, and even put out a bit of music to an audience of possibly 0. I was able to actually play music at this time. After I restarted my system, all my music players (Winamp, Realplayer and Quicktime) would open the music file or location. The problem is that none of them will actually play anything anymore. When "play" is clicked, the bar doesn't move and the down counting timer doesn't count, but it says it's "playing".
    I've completely uninstalled Winamp (and shoutcast), Real Player and Quicktime and reinstalled them to no avail. I've scanned for virus's, zero found. Windows was also updated, still nothing.
    Can this be corrected without reinstalling Windows? Most importantly, what can I do to fix my problem?
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    Are you sure the files are still in the same place that the winamp playlist is referring to? Check your sound driver, right click my computer, properies, device manager I think it is.

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    Greetings Vamp-

    Someone please correct if I am wrong, but I have noticed in the past that having multiple versions of Media Players, IE: Real Player, WM, Quicktime, has caused certain conflicts when attempting to run various media files.

    In my observations most of the above mentioned, are free downloads containing an upgrade option.

    When you hastily click, and Agree to giving up your first born by d-loading them, you also agree to an auto-connection to the web, via persistent cookies. Which in most cases is necessary to complete the setup process. (registration)

    This is always in fine print, under the pre-clicked tab that includes (recommended). No one other than lawyers read it. I am only using RP as an example.

    In many cases, the configuration mode will solve this. Yet realize you will have to balance the configurations of all your players.

    Within the steps of running setup.exe, the program will invariably ask you if you would like to have "Realplayer" auto open any requested or downloaded files, and any normal person wanting to see if it is better than (WMP) will click yes.

    Remember, if you clicked yes, to all the players you installed before, you are creating a conflict

    If you are supporting several "competing" proggies. and have agreed to the terms of service, even minus the paid upgrade, the majority of these players at the least attempt to connect to the internet whether you realize it or not. They like to referr to it as a "Media Guide", but to me it remains thinly veiled Malware.

    Remember each Developer is attempting to get you to upgrade to their "GOLD" version.

    This can cause "confusion", as your PC or Mac, (my Mac is stubborn as hell about it)' is trying to access the files using multiple proggies.

    I suggest (for now) sticking with one player, and upgrading the Codec as necessary.

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    I've reinstalled them one after the other, testing each in turn. I'll just backup my system and reformat the beast. Thanks for replying.
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    Still Check your sound drivers, maybe they have been corrupted somehow...if you want to IM me and i'll send you a program hat will most likely fix your problem.

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