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Thread: Frizing PC

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    Frizing PC

    I have WinXP OEM, updated version.

    Otfen when I working with computer it just frizing and I must restart it.
    I couldnt find any problem that i know.

    In hardware i getting wrong information type about monitors:
    It show that I have 3 monitors on same Grafik card, 2 is default monitors and 1 (M700 Compaq) is right monitor.
    I tried to delete them but it could not help.

    Can it be this problem that can frize my PC?

    Can it be some other Hardware problem or it is windows problem?

    Which program that i can use to test my computer for problems if it is possible?
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    Well I think I'll just give you the standard list..

    virusscanner (do updates)
    windows update
    lavasoft ad-aware

    And a great free tool that isn't developed any further aida32
    this will show you all the hardware problems you can have <- download site
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    A common problem for the 'freezing' 'crashing' of the PC is heat.

    check that the CPU temp is within limits, access via the BIOS.

    check the CPU fan is running AND clean, re-apply the grease to the contact plate.
    Check that your power supply is big enough to provide sufficient power, watts = volts x amps
    if there isn't a plate with the wattage on. ie - 240v x 1 amp = 240 watts, for most modern systems, with their graphics and everything else you will need around the 400w size.

    Use your BIOS to check your system settings, learn what these are for BEFORE attempting to learn any other prog.
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    Google for MBM [MotherBoard Monitor] in order to be able to monitor your computer's temperature accurately. Overheating can be a problem, and it is something very dangerous [and money consuming, after the CPU has melted]

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    All good advice above

    1. I would update your sound and video card drivers.............go to the board manufacturers sites.
    2. If you are overclocking anything, reset it to the factory defaults
    3. Go into BIOS and turn off all power saving options, you want everything on all the time.
    4. Go into your display manager and turn off screensaver and any "sleep" , "snooze" or other power saving.
    5. Remove programs that you don't use all the time from your startup.
    6. Uninstall (in safe mode) any trial software that has expired.
    7. Do not run more than one interactive virus scan or software firewall.

    I guess those are the only additional common causes of freezing that I can think of.


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