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Thread: paying e-mails

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    paying e-mails


    just now i came to know about these sites

    they pay u if u read their mails

    do they really pay?
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    Being probably one of the most sceptical men in england, id say theres probably somesort of scam involved, not to mention them spaming your email address with loads of advertising emails...

    At the end of the day if you just download the emails and delete them there not going to know you've read them, thats why I think theres a scam there.

    maybe the advertiser pays money for the emails to be sent and you get a small percentage of that payment to the emailers.


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    Nothing is for nothing, i would stay well clear of this if i were you. I imagine if you sign up you will recieve more spyware than you can wave a big stick at. They look like spammers to me.

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    Here's how it works (it actually does work... kinda):

    You, as an advertizer, pay one of those companies to advertize for you (let's say $100). The email is sent out to all the users of the paid email-program (let's say there are 1,000 users). The email contains a clickable link. Upon clicking the link, you are taken to the advertizer's website, through the paid email company's website (this is how they check you actually visited the page). The paid email company keeps $90, and divides the remaining $10 under its 1,000 users (one cent each). It's not a scam, but at 1 cent each, you'll realize that you'll have to click a hell of a lot of links to make some money...

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    Yeah, case in point it's a real waste of time. My friend was part of something similiar except they paid $.10 I think. To me it's a crock of shyt which take's too much time to earn any real profit.
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