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    Cookie Watcher

    I've recently discovered the art of modifying browser cookies and have applied my learning against some of my web apps and have discovered I have done some *bad* things with my programming. Does anybody know of a nice gui that will watch cookies and allow them to be modified easily so I can better test my apps? I know I could type type the javascript commands in the browser window, but that will get real tedious.

    I've been lurking here for a while and have noticed that many newbe's get flamed badly for asking what are considered by many to be "stupid questions". Should this be one of those stupid questions, please just ignore me and I'll take the hint.

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    Chances are if it doesn't get answered, it's not because it's a stupid question. The stupid posts get about 40 or so replies, each as stupid as the original thread (I'm just as guilty as the next)

    Anyway... a gui interface to watch cookies I know of, but not anything that will allow you to modify them on the fly...

    Maybe one of these will help.

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