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Thread: cheap desktop workstation ... tips pls?

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    cheap desktop workstation ... tips pls?

    does anyone have a wendor that can provide cheap workstations for a small office network... these computers are going to be connected to a server which will serve small files in text format...

    they have to be inexpensive ... less than 500

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    Hi, not sure where you are in the world

    I would suggest looking for a local company that refurbishes ex-corporate machines or just check out stuff being sold off by corporations? Two questions:

    1.What operating system?
    2.Internet connectivity?

    If you just want an internal network, then ex-corporate boxes could be good because they probably have an NIC card in them already.

    I guess there is no great need for local storage, so a 10-20Gb drive would do?

    I picked up an IBM with 733MHz PIII/256Mb RAM and a 20GB HDD for around $60 the other day. If you want to run XP you are looking at a lot more, because of performance issues, but W2K will run fine on old PIIIs


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    i just used a company call PC connections. i watch them all for 'deals'. they ran a one day special, dell 2.4 Ghz, 80 gig hd, winXP pro, 256 Meg memory etc. $400 before a $200 rebate. picked up 10 to have on hand. you just have to watch the vendors.
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    Originally posted here by Tedob1
    i just used a company call PC connections.
    Do you have a link?
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