BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. The door flies open and 15 swat officers swarm the house.
"whats going on?" my mother screams. "Upstairs" one of the officers yell.
The poice run up the stairs and bust down my door. I knew it was only a matter
of time. "Your under arrest. Please place your hands behind your back". As im
being hauled out of my room my mom just stairs at me in tears. I feel bad
I have put her through this. Nothing I can do about it now. Acctually we are
getting a little ahead of our selves. This is how it all started though.

Chapter 1-
3:15AM. I should probably get to sleep soon. Im busy though. Im cracking an
encryption for kyle on my Slackware 9.0 box. Im also reading some linux tutorials
online. Good only 5min left on the encryption. Man I have to be up in about 3hrs.
I can barely hold my eyes open though. Aww forget it im just going to go to bed,
I'll see how the encryption went tomorrow morning.

"Good morning Seattle" I turn off the alarm clock and get out of bed. Im running
a little late but only by about 5min. I get up and get in the shower. I get out and go to
the closet and grab my favorite Slipknot shirt and a pair of black dickies. As im putting
my cloths on I go over and throw my laptop, 3 floppy disks, A C++ programming book, and my
cd case inside my backpack. I grab my CD player and put in Slayer. I head out the door and
go for the bus.

"Hey man, hows it going?" I ask kyle. Kyle is my best friend. I've known him since
I was 5. Our parents met at work and we have been best friend ever since. Kyle is the one
who got me interested in computers. All though I know a little more than him in some areas
he is very smart. We like alot of the same things and are pretty in seperable. "So you ready
for today." He asks. "Yea im ready." I knew what he was talking about. Man I cant wait until
lunch this is going to be the best.

Its 12:15pm and I just got out of 3rd period. Im supposed to be at lunch but I have to
meet kyle at the library. I walk in and plop down at the computer right next to him. I pull out
laptop and boot up. Its got all the information we need for todays hack. Kyle is already inside
though. Let me explain what is going on here. Our health teacher Ms.Grube, well she is an EX-crack
whore. She is so mean to. Its ok though were going to get her back. You see she uses a projector
thats hooked up to her computer to show the class powerpoint presentations. By now kyle is almost
ready. "Ok lets do it I say." He closes her powerpoint presentation and opens a word document.
"Attention students" he types "it say been brought to our attention that MS.Grube, better know to
the students and "the skanky whore" has been sleeping with the principle". He then loads up about
5 porn websites. To top it off up loads a picture we moddified in Photoshop of the health teacher
giving the principle head. "OHH ****. The librarian is coming." He disconnects and pulls up a fresh
browser window. He pretends to be reading something on The librarian leaves and we
pack up our stuff. Man was that great.

Well thats my story. Let me know if you like it? Acctually thats only the first chapter... If you guys like it ill write more. Or maybe ill start a different story with a different approach.