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Thread: email address not address to me

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    email address not address to me

    one of my friend is getting email that are not address to him.To field indicate some other users with same domain name.its spam but his question is why he is getting junk messages that are address to others.And how he can stop it.thank

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    its spam but his question is why he is getting junk messages that are address to others
    There are ways to do this. Using an envelope springs to mind.

    And how he can stop it.
    Get a tool called SamSpade. That'll let you trace the spam to the ISP. Then send an abuse email to that ISP and attach the original headers in there. The ISP will make it stop.
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    What is his adress, and what is the address of the person supposed to recieve the mail?
    Uh... virtam, don't answer this. Zetaphor, I'm going to assume that you were intending on helping him rather than potentially socially engineering him for an address. Looking at it I'd almost say you want his address to add to some list. Knowing the actual address isn't necessary. Asking virtam if he could give an example so you can understand it better might be. So was it: (spam) -- sent to --> (real receiver)
    or was it ... (spam) --- sent to --> (real receiver)
    Privacy of the individual should be respected and only the person who ended up with the spam should reveal their own email address.

    Just a thought..
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    We have been seeing, at work, emails coming in where the from line says something like:
    from: (
    Spoof basically and it tricks the anti-spam filters, at least mine which is iHateSpam (and is quite good), into thinking it's not spam.

    Not sure if this is exactly what you are getting but sounds very similar.

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    sorry i am late ,still trying to get the headers from my is like (spam) send to but it received my friend's email( spam is addressed to others in same domain.Xyz is a valid email address.Still waiting for email headers as soon as i get i will post.thank you guys for your reply.

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    i got the full header and from that it looks like it(spam) also address to my friend email address .i am posting email headers .I wanted to know what

    From: "Roseann Gomes" <> <newmsg.cgi?mbx=Main&>
    Bottom of Form 1

    Received: from [] by
    (SMTPD32-6.06) id A0AEB93002E; Sun, 11 Apr 2004 20:19:58 -0400
    Received: from by; Mon, 12 Apr 2004 02:04:33 +0100
    Message-ID: <> <newmsg.cgi?mbx=Main&>
    Reply-To: "Roseann Gomes" <> <newmsg.cgi?mbx=Main&>
    Subject: Save 70% On Yur Term LIfe Ins. - Fre Qutes
    Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 18:08:33 -0700
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
    X-Priority: 3
    X-RCPT-TO: <> <newmsg.cgi?mbx=Main&>
    X-UIDL: 381727908
    Status: U

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    Sounds like a BCC email to me?
    Then the To: address will not match yours.

    I get spam emails at home from time to time using this tactic.
    Can't quite see the point, as it only makes me more suspicious.

    To be fair, my ISP is good at dealing with these and does trace them back using the header information that I provide. Unlike crapppy companies like AOL, I do get what is obviously a personal reply from one of their tech support guys ....

    They must be doing something right, as I've never had more than one from the same source

    Edit: Should have added that if this is spam, the from: address will almost certainly be fake, and you'll need to look it up to get some idea of where it really came from.

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