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Thread: window XP password

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    Question window XP password

    hey i hav a comp at home, but my brother become its administrator & now i have to login as a guest & moreover i can't install any software
    no games nothing

    i dont want to reinstall the windows as i will lose all my data

    so there is any way to get the password except reinstalling windows as it is my last choice

    or there any way by which i can change the configurations
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    Uh.. ask your brother?
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    sibling rivalry I'm thinking that your best bet is to be really nice to your brother, or get him really anebriated (if you're of age of course ), and then ask him nicely for the password.

    I dunno, I've found favors can be bought with a case of beer :P
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    bribe your brother!


    does your brother talk in his sleep ?


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    You guys are all nice. I always liked to just beat the crap out of my siblings. That is the fun part. Forget the password.

    There is more fun in just fighting with your brothers.

    /me hands neohunk a pillow case. Put that over his head and go to town. There is a definate side effect though.

    If he gives you the password. As soon as he is not hurting he is going to kick your ass and change it.

    So you could just. Buck up and go by your own system. Or ask him to partition the Harddrive and you just install another OS that you will use.

    Which brings up an interesting question. Is it his computer?

    If not threaten to tell your parents. But don't there is nothing worse then a sibling snitch.

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    You could contact the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and have them file an "age discrimination" lawsuit, on your behalf, against your brother.
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    I think that the first point is that "he who paid for the computer makes the rules", I am guessing that it has already been done and your brother is "officially" administrator? You must also take into consideration the purpose for which the computer was provided. If it was to do your coursework and not to play games, then you should respect this?

    In the real world people are not allowed to install whatever they like on computers that do not personally belong to them. This is because you need an administrator to ensure the security and stability of the system. Otherwise you have anarchy?

    I have seen several examples of shared family computers where the users were allowed to do what they liked....................they keep overwriting eachothers stuff and the whole thing becomes unstable and virtually unusable. This seems to happen when someone needs it for an important project or term paper

    I would not recommend reinstalling windows, as this is only likely to end in a feud?

    You need to talk to your brother and the provider of the computer............maybe your brother will get bored with the Sysadmin responsibilities if he has to work for it.

    I still say that ideally, there should only be one Administrator.


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    Ugh... Nihil

    Were not suppose to do just what we won't on Networks that don't belong to us.


    That was probably why, my system admin was mad at me.


    Nihil you know as well as I do, that the more you know the less those rules apply

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    Since this sounds like a believable story.

    Just start ***Edited out because its too easy to figure out on your own***

    And there you have it!

    Have fun.

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    neohunk - If you simply google around for alittle bit, you will can get information on how to answer your question. However, like stated before in the thread don't do something rash without understanding the reasoning for it.


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