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Thread: Freedom of speech?

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    Freedom of speech?

    Is it actually illegal for AO to allow people to make posts with virus code contained in them. I understand the moral reason they don't do this. of course nobody wants every scrip kiddy moron running around with virus the don't understand. But is it actually illegal for people to discus illegal activities here. Just wondering.
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    Uhhh... nice name

    Define posts with virus code contained in them? XSS & have peaple go to some bad scripts, post up a URL to something with nasties inside, giveing malware out VIA: attachments? Yes that would be illegal. Nothing wrong with only posting some code & things for *cough "educational" purposes but laws all deppend on what part of the globe your on. Some would consider handing out viral code to be a form of aiding and embedding but you almost never hear of anyone going to court over it unless your a big media fish like Gigabyte, the virus writer with boobs.

    However other than the law as far as AO goes... you'll find that most peaple will just give you a not so warm welcomeing when all that "l33t h4x0r" this and that jazz happends. It really gets boreing and annoying. Its the type of thing that floods boards with lameness and turns what would normally be acceptable conversations about computers into something purely stupid... stuff that has more to do with looking cool in front of a computer than actually useing one.

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    When i say posting virus code i mean this

    W0w Guyzzzz ch3ck out my new L33t VIRRI!!! i 4m t3h l33t HAXXORROZOZOZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!

    import os, os.path

    shutil.rmtree(you get the idea??)

    i know that in no way qualifies as an example of virus code, but you get the idea, i'm just trying to figure out if it is actually illegal to post certain things. It just gets semi annoying when you want to learn something but are limited because certain things have been labeled illegal and no boards will allow you to post about them without getting banned. Also wanna say that AO is probably the best board i have come across thus far. Haven't really seen any flaming going on at all. That is one of the most annoying things i ever see. Somebody who wants to learn (not the annoying script kiddies they deserve a good flaming) asks a question that some ass job decides is stupid so he/she flames the question asker. What a asshat
    Even if your plane crashed tonight you\'d find some way to disappoint by not burning in the wreckage or drowning at the bottom of the sea

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    Maybe you completely skiped what I posted. Once more as far as I know theres nothing illegal (in the U.S.) about braging and showing off code. Clearly you have no idea as to how many VX boards, groups, e-zines, & (ect) currently exists & operate without even seeing or hearing a single word from the so called authority figuers intil peaple start actively spreading things.

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    I do not see a problem with virus code as such...............I have had several objects off this site........just to check out ... (hell, I would want source otherwise?).

    Maybe send a private message to someone who seems to know and understand, and ask them if they will help?

    You will have to lurk around a while I suppose?


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    Well there is a forum where you can post code and posting virus code with a warning shouldnt pose a problem, I highly doubt it would be classed as illegal anyway.

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