I was woundering if theres anything that i should ask to be changed on this pc,


ATX Case: CWORLD Miditower 350W with front ports 303M Black Price: $75.00

Processors :AMD Athlon XP 2700+ Price: $165.00

Mainboard: ASUS A7V8X-X Price: $106.00

Memory: 512M DDR PC3200 400Mhz Generic Price: $134.00

Hard Drive: Seagate 80G 7200RPM ATA-100 Price: $99.00

CD / DVD Rewriter: LiteOn 52xCD/ 32xCDRW/ 52xCDREAD Retail (LTR52327S) Price:

Video Card: Albatron 128MB FX5200 AB-FX5200EP Price: $100.00

CRT Monitors: 17" Samsung 785MB Price: $215.00

Warranty: Standard manufacturer warranties (minimum 1 year) Price: $0

Final Price: $944

GST Included: $85.82