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Thread: Car building programs for the computer!

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    Car building programs for the computer!

    I was wondering what available programs were out there that could be used to design cars. for example: u type in the make and model and the program brings up the blueprints of the car and lets u add or take away any mods and shows u the end result. Let me know if u find a program like this.

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    Ive seen a few flash things about where you can add stuff, I havent got any addresses. I mean you could get a CAD program and draw your car on that then add bits when you want...That would be the way that proper companys do it.

    Personnaly I wouldnt both with external bodywork mods, seems pointless to me...Im more an engine tuner, I still love to burn kev'd up cars off at the lights in my mums car standard car..most of them cant drive and end up shredding the tires instead of putting the power into going forward....


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    skyliner y r you asking things like this on a computer security site ohh yeah


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    im gonna get cha

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    Dude, don't be a dumbass.

    He asked in GCC. It's legit.
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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    HI Skyliner

    let me apologise on their behaf , where are your manner people. It's his second post in a long time Skyliner welcome to AO. Don't forget fo read The Site FAQ

    And romman i have seen people discussing the length of their dick here in GCC , so i guess this was pretty good question as compared to that and "How do i hack hotmail "


    And sorry didn't heard of any such program execpt for a few fun flash animations .and as i2c pointed out if you really want ot get into car designing you should uce CAD .

    --Good Luck ,Stay Safe--

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    sup skyliner

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    hey sky i gtg hlp my dad its spusta rain alot jus look out side

    im gonna get cha

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    Hey Romman-

    Here's a tip: Try not to double-post.
    It will piss some people off.
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    The answer is basically "no". You need an "industrial strength" CAD system, and they use an incredible amount of resource.

    Also, if you think about it, the size of the database would be enormous.................and would contain corporate intellectual property.

    I guess the best you could hope for would be a few quite simple solids and wire diagrams?

    I am fraid that you will not find anything worthwhile for free, CAD systems are very expensive.


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