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Thread: What classes should I take?

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    What classes should I take?

    I ship out for the Navy in several months to be an IT (Information Systems Technician). They'll teach me C++ (to the extent that I'll be making useful programs), Unix, web stuff, some networking, security, and more.

    While enlisted, I can take college courses for FREE at any college near my base. When I go on a ship, they hire profressors to go on the ship and teach classes.

    When I get out of the Navy I'm getting BSCS in Software Engineering using the money the Navy gives me for college. Now this degree won't teach me much about networking, security, and ultimately my knowledge of hacking.

    So while I have the chance to take classes for free, what kind of classes should I take to begin with. Remember, this is to further my knowledge of hacking/networking/security. What kind of classes should I aim to take after I get the essentials down. Eventually I'd like to get some type of security certification on my own time.

    Thanx in advance

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    Pick your choose. Start out with programming (C++ and assembly), then move on to some of the basic networking classes (tcp/ip), then see if they have any security classes. Ask gore about the last one since he took one already, and most definately try and Find MsMittens and ask her (she actually teaches *wink*Wink*)
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