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    Crystal Reports Help

    Ok looking for some of you crystal wizards here to give me a wee hand.
    Am still waiting on my crystal training but have been playing round a bit in it and have come across a bit of a problem which I can't find a solution for in the help files.

    Data is storred in a SQL database which I'm linking into through ODBC - in the table there is a field CALL_OUTCOME which stores the outcomes each agent saves at the end of their calls.

    Now I want to write a report that shows how many of each outcome we have per day/week/month

    now i can work it out one at a time by using

    {database.CALL_RESULT} = "The call result"

    but how do i make it count for different types so that i have a report like :::

    call outcome 1 = 400
    call outcome 2 = 259
    call outcome 3 = 736

    and so on

    any one got any ideas? and please in complete newbie terms



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    I have the program but do not use it. What does it do? I lost the instruction manual? Oops, it was a 5 finger discount.

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    it allows you to produce reports from many different data sources
    they can be displayed for print or exported to different formats on placed on a webpage hosted on its own built in server

    great piece of software for business's but is a bugger to learn


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