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Thread: Windows 2000 running FAT32

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    Question Windows 2000 running FAT32

    I have a windows 2000 computer running on a FAT32 file system. I was told after i installed it that it was supposed to run on a NTFS. I am not sure if it will cause any problems or major proformence issues. It doesnt have a drive converter on the computer. I was wondering if thaving it as a FAT would not be good and if it would be worth it to reinstall windows or if there is a way to convert without reinstalling. I dont really want to reinstall.

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    The advantages of NTFS over FAT are numerous. Here is a Microsoft introduction to the different file systems.

    Converting a drive from FAT to NTFS is easy and won't make you lose any data.

    On a command prompt (Start --> Run --> cmd), type
    convert C: /fs:ntfs
    where C is your hard drive. fs obviously stands for file system.

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    AFAIK the only reason you would run Win2k on a FAT partition is if you were using other operating systems that cannot see NTFS.

    NTFS is supposed to be more efficient and secure, or so I have read. It is designed for NT based OSes anyway.

    I don't think that you can convert FAT32 to NTFS, except perhaps with some third party software. I don't think I would want to go that way, even if it were possible, a re-install onto an NTFS partition would be a lot cleaner, although a bit of a pain.

    Just my thoughts

    EDIT: Thanks Negative, I did not realise it was that easy! live and learn

    Thinking about it a bit more you might want to do that if you were upgrading from 9x to XP?

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    Leaving the drive Fat patitioned should not cause any perfomance issues that i am aware of. You could have a look at Microsoft Support to see if there are any issues.

    However the NTFS file system is a more secure system than fat 32. You should consider converting for that reason if nothing ell's.

    I have not used win 2000 very much but i think as with Xp you can use the convert utilty.

    If you open a command prompt. Start>>run>>type cmd>>click ok.

    Then type: convert [drive letter]:/FS:NTFS
    This will start the convert utilty and change your drive to ntfs.

    Edit. i just checked you can convert win 2000 to ntfs. Have a look at the link for the full info.

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    dude go for it. the only performace problem that it might cause you is that it would better you os
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    I hope he already went for it since he asked about it ten months ago...

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