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Thread: Why are we still there?

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    Why are we still there?

    Subject: Fwd: Why are we still there?

    Every day there are news reports about more Americans
    being killed.

    Why are we still there?

    We took the land by force and the occupation causes us
    nothing but trouble.

    Why are we still there?

    Their government has always been unstable, and there
    is no leadership. The new Governor is trying, but

    Why are we still there?

    Many of the people are uncivilized. There are more
    than 1,000 religious sects and almost as many
    languages and dialects.

    Why are we still there?

    We can't secure the borders.

    Why are we still there?

    They are billions of dollars in debt and it will cost
    billions more to rebuild, which we can't afford.

    Why are we still there?

    It has become clear - - - - We MUST abandon....CALIFORNIA!
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    hahaha, cool...

    I was just gonna rant about how we went into iraq, so we should help them sort it. Then I saw it was about california!


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    I was ready to bitch about bush and suggest the cosmos section
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