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Thread: PowerLine Ethernet Adapters and a DI 614+ Router

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    PowerLine Ethernet Adapters and a DI 614+ Router

    hey i have 1 DI 614+ router and a dsl modem and i just bought a powerline ethernet adapter because i want to tie my xbox into a wireless network with my router. i am doing this by using powerline ethernet adapters since my xbox is in a different room. question 1: do i need more than 1 powerline ethernet adapter? question 2: how secure is this? thanx bye.
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    Depending on brand, u may need one adapter for ur xbox (ethernet-to-power conversion) and another one at ur switch/hub/router (power-to-ethernet)
    Usually it works well, but beware that sometimes some equipments have problems to cross circuit-breakers. Other problem is high-noisy equipments on same circuits, such as blender or vacuum-cleaners
    About security: Does it have any security? such as a "wep" as wireless networks? Without this, u better take care of ur passwords
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    the router should have security, Once you give nic card access for xbox close the ssid# or its equal.that way no one can connect to that wireless access point!

    hope it helps if not just disregard...

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