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Thread: Insecure Websites.. if any ?

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    Insecure Websites.. if any ?

    Hello All:

    I browse a lot, read matter from different web sites, subscribe to different websites, download contents from different web sites...

    I'm now having a doubt...
    How do I trust whether a site is genuine..
    I mean, in some sites like.. Yahoo! Vulnerability test, I doubt the site's intentions. (whether it harvests the passwords)...

    Does anybody know some sites which aren't truthful, 'n have some hidden intentions in them ??

    How can we find out whether a site is actually "white" or "black" ?


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    well you just have to use common sense for most of the time. I.E. You dont need a site such as yahoo or whatnot to ask for CC information to prove you're 18 to view certain chatrooms.

    Also you do not need a third party website such as zingbat:
    Zap The Dingbat

    Yahoo! authentication script injection vulnerability

    Internet Explorer null deref crash.


    Internet Explorer URL display vulnerability

    Microsoft's "security update is available that removes support for handling user names and passwords" Knowledge Base Article 834489

    Microsoft released a critical security update for Internet Explorer (February 2, 2004).Security Update 832894

    To download microsoft security updates. Common sense is the strongest defense in this case, and knowledge helps a lot too. Unfortunately for users, those two are not very common in the general public.

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