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Thread: an e-mail w/o an unsubscribe link

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    an e-mail w/o an unsubscribe link

    I have problems with spam coming in my yahoo mail.supposedly, the bulkmail folder is supposed to absorb the incoming spam.if not, the subscriptions should have that link where u can unsubscribe at any time. So here's the question: Is there or are there laws, particularly in the U.S. that requires those newsletters and other sites that send e-mails to provide an unsubscribe link to all the e-mails they send? If there are, where can i find a documentation of that in the net so i could suggest it to our lawmakers here in the philippines. Thanks for the help.
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    Well since the majority don't even have a unsubscribe link I would think not You do realise that most of the time they'll take you to a page that asks various questions then they send more spam that they see would be more "interesting & suitable to your profile." Most of the time it isn't even that... mostly after you try to unsubscribe they'll

    A: know that you've opened these emails and just alert affiliated companies to give you more spam.

    And B: Know that you have time to waste. Hey you clicked something they spamed right? Even if its just to unsubscribe they'll know that its gotten your attention. You REALLY shouldn't even open emails from those jerks or click on the URLs they send to begin with. It doesn't just invite malware... there is a number of other things that could be done.

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    how will it end? everytime i click unsubscribe, these things just seem to over-multiply.bulk mail cant even catch it...i dont often open my mail at home.i usually do it in cyber cafe` i cant use a software or install something to get rid of spam. u have any suggestions?
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    TheSpecialist has given you excellent advice, don't try to "unsubscribe" you will only get more spam.

    I don't know Yahoo mail, but quite a few mail providers give you an option to filter out E-mails that are not directly addressed to YOU. You set this up in your mail account, so it doesn't matter where you open your mail.

    For example:

    If your address is, it will accept anything sent directly to that account, and put anything with a different address in a spam folder. I don't know if you have noticed, but a lot of spam is not addressed directly to you?

    You might also be able to filter the header for keywords such as :


    and so on...................once again, you set this up in your mail account, not your local machine.

    Hope that helps

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    Most web based mail services as well as software offer you filters you can setup to redirect the spam mail to for instance trash. Other then that your only other choice is either ask your mail host(or perhaps the cyber cafe owner/admin) to setup a spam mail filter. Otherwise you should consider seting up a new mail address, informing those you want to receive mail from about the new address and just delete the old one. Oh and you said you did click on the links in the mail, if you change the address please remember that mistake and do not repeat it. There is no real way of stopping spam (other then not having an e-mail address at all), but you can always minimize the number you get by doing the following:
    1. Never click the links in mail.
    2. Disable HTML/preview.
    3. Don't bother to reply, in some cases it will be a spoofed address or one that belongs to an infected machine, in other cases it will be correct but that will only result in more spam.

    EDIT: Lol nihil, you beat me to it...

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    Everyone else here has summed it up nicely, but the one thing you should never do is to click on an unsubscribe link - or any other link come to that, if it looks like spam.

    The current regulations about spam in the US and Europe are utter bull ****, and do virtually nothing to protect you.

    If you are getting too much spam, the best advice is to change your email address.

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    It doesn't matter if there are any laws in the US or not to protect against this - spammers will just ignore them.
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    Also, pressing the unsubscribe link will get you into more **** by informing the host that your email address is alive.

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    kmail from has a nice feature for that..

    it sends a "fake" user does not exist message back..

    works realy well.. a lot better then unubscribe.. well unless you did subscribe..
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    Yahoo does have mail filtering. It works quite well. I only get maybe one spam mail a month. You have to have to pick good key words, Nihil has made some good suggestions but you will nead to analize the spam you are getting and pick good keywords pertaining to you sitation.

    If you have joined any of the and are finding spammers within the groups you will either have to:
    A/ put up with it if the group is unmoderated (some are some aint).
    B/ unsubscribe from the group (this can be done through the group home page).
    C/ block the spammer using outlook mail rules. Or similar.

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