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Thread: Cyberdetective's Handbook Issued

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    Cyberdetective's Handbook Issued

    Homeland Security wants a front row seat for all maleware and cyber crimes. They are starting to issue a handbook and to consolidate reporting procedures.
    WASHINGTON -- Discover a new worm? Uncover a previously unseen bug in Windows? Identify a malicious spammer? Where do you call the cybercops?

    The Department of Homeland Security, which considers cybersecurity among its duties, has issued an incident response handbook intended to answer all that. Called "The Incident Response and Reporting Guidelines," the publication should be available directly from the Department of Homeland Security.

    The laminated booklet contains suggestions on identifying and responding to suspicious computer behavior. It is published as a Homeland Security initiative to educate the public on cyber threats. Unlike other efforts, it is designed to make it easy for people to report problems.
    No matter how insignificant the incident may appear, Homeland Security representatives say they want to know about it.
    I suppose this could be a step forward, as long as it doesn't become immersed in the normal goverment snafu bs.
    Source here
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    Ok, I haven't read the article/source yet, but the question that immediately jumps out is "Who is the target audience for this book?"

    Johnny-homeowner who can't be bothered to keep their box updated anyway, or for the IT professional that already knows better.?

    My apologies to any Johns, Johnnys, or Johnnos that I may have offended.

    No kangaroos were hurt in making this post....

    Sorry...feelin' kind of goofy

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