Been checking out AO for a week or so now. Since I like the site and all the good info here I figured that it's about time I ducked my head in. Even though I am by no means anywhere near the level of many here, I am, nonetheless, a security freak.

I enjoy hiding behind my stealthy ZA Pro firewall, marvelling at the immense wisdom of Steve Gibson over at GRC, keeping updated at the SANS Internet Storm Center, and defragging my hard drive.

I am running a WinXP box and the other hard drive in it contains RedHat Linux which after many, many attempts I finally figured out how to install. On the downside, I only played with it for a few weeks before meandering on to other pursuits. My OS knowlege only extends from Win9x to XP with a very small smattering of the above mentioned RedHat. Aside from all that I do have the common sense to teach myself new things without bombing the tech freaks with too many questions.

My main interest is learning to program. While I did teach myself the rudiments of HTML coding several years ago, I have yet to learn more about the real programming languages.

Well, I've run my jib enough for now. See ya'll in the thread maze.