Hey all, this is a mini tutorial (VERY small) on Jump Point's and the different aspect's of them.

First we'll start off with the starter:

What Is A Jump Point?

A Jump Point is a point in which hacker's usually go to when they want to hack a PC, network, website, or anything that could by any chance trace back to them. The purpose of a jump point is so that the hacker doesn't get caught and/or traced. The hacker would break into a small PC usually belonging to a home (a PC, not a network computer) and would install a trojan or just would break in. Then, the hacker would use that computer as a "shield" so to speak to attack the machine he really wanted to attack. By using that computer as a shield/slave, the hacker has made it virtually impossible for the target to trace back. If the target make's an attempt to trace back, the target would trace the slave's computer, thus getting him in trouble with the law or his ISP.

What Does It Look Like?

[{Hacker's Computer}] -=-=-=-=-=- [{Slave/Shield's Computer(JumpPoint)}] -=-=-=-=-=- {[Victim's Computer}]

Now if they wanted to trace the attacker:

[{Victim's Computer}] -=-=-=-=- [{Slave/Shield's Computer}] -=-=-=-=-=- [{Hacker's Computer}]

Except, the trace wouldn't reach the hacker but the slave/shield and the slave computer would be the one getting the ISP TOS Violation against them. It's a pretty common method used by hacker's especially when they attack major systems such as network computer's belonging to big time corporation's. Anyways, that's my little tutorial on Jump Point's. I hope someone learned something