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Thread: How do I remove Werule virus???

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    Angry How do I remove Werule virus???

    I am infected with the werule virus...i do not know what this virus does exactly i haven't researched it yet, but i know my firewall asked me if i wanted werule to access the net and of course i said no. the application is schdprfp.exe.
    should i do a search and delete the .exe file, or how do i totally get rid of this?
    thanks for your help!!!

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    Of course you should research it, update your AV, and read the instruction's on it's removal. What kinda question is that? But seriously, do that and go to and they should have some information on your virus.
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    Hi h.a.c.k.

    Did your AV detect it . if i remember corectly my AV'Didn't detect it because it is a Malware (ADware) rather than a Virus .

    Do you have AD-Aware installed Scan your Computer with AD-Aware. It should take care of it.

    and i suggest you also do a online AV Scan atHousecall too

    --Good Luck--


    Sorry undies i ment adware my mistake i corrected it . thanks for pointing it

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    thanks everyone, i was able to take care of it through the symantec site and "hijack this."
    if anyone reading this is needing to take care of the malware also, just download "hijack this" and it will delete schdprfp.exe for you...then go to the registry and delete "pup" subkey under local machine, software....
    thanks again!!!

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    Malware rather than a Virus
    we really need to sit down and have a discussion on terms..

    i thought Malware covered ALL Malicious software
    Virus, while originaly covered the file infector virus, now is used to discribe Virus, trojan and worm
    ADware - that crap advertising client software.. the unwanted parasites that are installed with wanted software
    FucWare - what do i say.. CWS..adware and trojan in one..nah Trojan in Adware clothing

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    thanks for the info...i am learning things here and there as i go... there is so much info i am learning right now and some things stick while others don't.

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