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Thread: advice on cutting your own cat5

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    what's a "riser rated cat5e" ... i don't get the "riser rated" part ???

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    Hello again,

    Riser cable is used when the cable will run vertically in a multi-floor bldg in flooring wiring risers.

    and while I'm at rated means: cable that is to be run in air spaces, usually above dropped ceilings or underneath elevated flooring.

    UTP means unshielded twisted pair.


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    You can get a great economical toolkit from cyberguys.

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    Rabit: an FYI

    Here is a quick explanation of the two different types of cat5, so called "riser", and plenum grade.

    Riser is your standard cat5, stuff you use for patch cables, wiring a small network, or dropping through risers coming from the ceiling.

    Plenum grade is meant for running through ceilings, drop ceilings, attics, etc. It is made so if when heated, it does not emit a toxic gas into the air. Plenum grade does cost about 3 times as much as the standard.
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