Wasn't sure where to put this, but I figure that taking care of your registry is certainly security related. Anyway, I used to use a program called RegCleanr by Jouni Vuorio but I no longer have the program so I went searching for it. Unfortunately, it appears Jouni Vuorio sold out and now the program is shareware. I did quite a bit of searching after that to find a similar program, but no beans. Microsoft has a free regtool but it doesn't do anything except make some minor adjustments to the registry that you have no control over. So, if anyone is familiar with RegCleanr and happens to know of another program identical in capabilities and that is also free I would be happy to know of it. That said, I guess I'll keep searching unless or until you folks can point me in the right direction. If you don't feel like this post belongs here please let me know where ones like this would go. Thank you.