Red Hat utempter Package Vulnerability (Released 4/30/2004)
AIX Symlink and Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities in LVM Commands (Released 4/30/2004) ...(for a select few)
Perl and ActivePerl win32_stat Buffer Overflow (Released 4/29/2004)
Apache HTTP Server 2.0.49 Release Fixes Security Vulnerabilities (Released 4/27/2004)
Debian linux-kernel-2.4.16 Vulnerabilities (Released 4/26/2004)
Red Hat Updated Kernel Packages Fix Several Vulnerabilities (Released 4/23/2004)

The links can be found here , this is just one of my bookmarks I'm about to post in the bookmark thread. I've been kinda busy and lazy lately so I have not got around to posting alot.

Hope this & my security & cert links help out you guys.