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Thread: Open Ports

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    Talking Open Ports

    Hi there,

    Can you suggest me some programs (freeware) which will give me the open ports on a remote machine (also on my machine).

    Stay Tuned.

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    For the remote machine NMap is available for *nix and Win32.

    For the local machine Fports works nicely on Win32 and I'm sure a *nix type will give their preference for those OS's
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    also you have free trials of Shadow Security Scanner and Retina.

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    I'll second that on Nmap and Fport... Great programs...

    Also, if you not only want to use a port scanner but know how it works, take a look at HTRegz's PyScan written in Python. He has a complete tutorial on it with the source code attached (here). I've tried it and it works great. It also inspired me to learn Python


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