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Thread: Getting XP CDONTS to work on IIS, and ASP Forum..

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    Getting XP CDONTS to work on IIS, and ASP Forum..

    Hi guys!

    I just got a friend that made me an ASP forum for a site that im developing for a while.
    It has alot of features, including support for e-mail.
    I have windows XP Professional with IIS installed, and i whant to setup that e-mail support in the forum ( to send lost passwords, usernames the people ), here´s the thing it happens:

    I go to administrative options of the forum and put that to CDONTS for windows NT/XP, and i make a test, i register on the forum and at the login i put the rong password..them i go to the recover option put my e-mail information and click send, and it says that an e-mail was sent...but when i check the mail box of the adress, thers no message from the server i dont know what to do..can anyone help me out?


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    We really can't help you unless you provide a code snippet. Is the problem in the script? Is there a POP3 mail server problem? Is the code not providing you with correct feedback?

    If the problem lies with the server, there should be some kind of exception or error message thrown. If the code is not designed to handle exception, it may not provide the feedback you need to determine the problem.

    If the problem lies with the code, it would be helpful to see the portion involving the actual mailing.

    I am not familiar with ASP, but in most other languages, you can catch the exception method and output it for debugging purposes.

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