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Thread: Windows 2003 File Sharing Vulnerabilities

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    Windows 2003 File Sharing Vulnerabilities

    Are there any known problems with having file sharing/netbios enabled on Windows 2003 Server? The server wouldn't have any actual shares, just simply have it enabled. Would this be a problem on a public web server?

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    Why enabled a service that you are not using? Make no sense to me especially since this a public server.
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    It is good practice to either disable or firewall a service that you are not using.

    Bear in mind that on Window, the "Server" service is used for many things besides file sharing, and it is often desirable to leave it enabled. In this case, it should be firewalled so that the file sharing ports are not accessible from beyond the LAN.

    There may be as-yet-undiscovered vulnerabilities.


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