i have been having a problem that seems to me is a hacker. something or someone is deffinatly taking over my computer and changing things. only sometimes it happens when i am not on line. i have a roomate who has a computer. we share a dial-up line, means we have to take turns online. we have satallite tv. my computer is sharing a phone line with the satallite. i have a fairly hard (i thought until i read about it here) password on my computer. both of us have the same basic computer, except his is dell and mine is hp. i have been living here 3 months and this started in jan, so i am not sure if he is doing something or not. he slipped today and made a comment about how much stuff i have on my computer, as far as i was aware of he has never been closer than 5 feet away from my computer, so how could he know what is on my computer? can he access my computer from his? i have windows xp, 128. only windows firewall, someone stole my mcafee. i have secure ie and i use adaware among others. someone please advise.