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Thread: Annoying Spyware!! >:(

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    Annoying Spyware!! >:(

    There Is Some Spyware In my Computer that Adware And Spybot Cant Rid Off. Im getting very annoyed! At start Up When I bring up cntrl-alt-delete And processes I get 2 Programs I Dont reconize That Are there And you know its Spyware because of the lame name Wtoolsa.exe And Wsup.exe.. I have tried everything I know of to rid my computer of these annoying spyware programs. Rstarting in safe mode And searching, And Msconfig and clicking off all Programs as well. If there is Another way Plz let me know! One other thing I have zone alarm Pro And Ofcorse On logg On these programs Will try and access So my Alarm Goes Off. I press No Do Not allow program to access, yet evertime it does anyway!? wtf is that all about. Notr to mention I have my internet just Going on and loading something every 10 min. Help.

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    have you tried registry yet?
    proggies that start everytime your comp boots generally have an entry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
    or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunServices

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    Nope. Still Is there Its A link Of some sort From what I see..

    WToolsA.exe link 00 6,148
    WSup.exe link 00 4,032


    And Yes Im running Xp

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    if the spyware are system folder and ur O.S. is XP, it wont work due system restore
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    Ok After looking, I found the Main Folder In C: My programs Common Files WinTools

    Started In safe Mode Deleted It. Now it does not start

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    google both those file names.. you'll see info on them

    you should also delete the \Common files\WinTools folders too..

    and I'll bet there's a few other things on your box that you'd need to get rid of..

    I would download hijackthis.. extract it to a folder.. like c:\program files\hjt

    then run it and post your log here..

    HijackThis direct download:

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    i use spywareblaster and spy killer(had to pay to use, but very effective) to rid my computer of spyware. i figure if one doesnt get them all the other will...and on top of that i'm running norton internet security pro edition (which i also had to pay for at a reduced price!) for the most part...unless ur a true programist, then do it the legal way if you can afford it. (try before you buy)
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    You can also delete those manually. If they do not want to delete, get into their script and delete part of it. That will also kill it. Before you do that, turn off your system restore. Do not forget to turn it back on after you get these things removed. Doing a Highjack this log is also an excellent idea. Whoever suggested that should get 20 points.

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