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Thread: MXML Issues with Dynamic Data

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    MXML Issues with Dynamic Data

    Hello all -

    I am not sure if anyone here can help - I am having issues using Dynamic Data from a MS SQL Server in Flex - MXML. I am not all that familiar with setting up Webservices,
    I have SQLXML 3, and i am able to use it to Query SQL for XML Data and i can call on my XML Data, but the issue that i am having is that the amount of data (300,000 +) products, taked entirely to long to compile with Flex when the page loads.

    Like i said i am not all that familiar with Web Services, etc.

    Just curious if i am going at this the wrong way or not.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Dang, that is a significantly larger dataset than I've ever tried to mess with.

    I don't know anything about MS SQL or SQLXML..., but if it is taking too long to compile, perhaps you could break it down into chunks. A little pagination goes a long way, particularly when most of the work is done by the DB server rather than by ASP or PHP or whatever. Besides, how the heck out you be able to manage to comprehend 300,000+ products in one go.

    I really don't know what you are trying to do, but a rule of thumb I try to follow is if it can be down with the DB it should be done with the DB. (Which causes me no amount of stress as db's are not my forte, but then what is).
    OH MY! $12,000 grand for Flex... No wonder I have no idea, I won't see that product unless I win the lottery, and even then I'd still use PHP/MySQL/Apache (maybe a little Postgres here and there) just because I like the pain of programming in vi, but $12,000 dollars... that is truly insane. I mean that doesn't even include a MS SQL Server licence...
    Just like you can't swallow a whole cow, DB query results can choke.
    If you are doing a 'SELECT * FROM products' or something those 300,000+ products are getting stuck into an array/object and getting pushed to the web application all at once.

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    Basically i am looking to create a new online shopping e-commerce system for the company that i am working with. They are a distributor of Jewelry to Jewelers around the world.

    The story with Flex and the 12K, with a new LAMP system almost 75% done, one of the company owners caught wind of Flex, Saw the amazing shopping cart demo that they have online, and said, "that is what i want, price is no option". So out goes PHP MySQL, in comes MXML and SQL Server.

    Right now, I am not sure how the Pagination will work, the code compiles when it is called from the browser, so the data is compiled in it from the start. I am sure that there is a Dynamic Data Solution, but like i said i am not skilled with XML Web Services.

    You cannot call a DB directly in Flex.

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    Wow, ok, so I've been browsing the documentation for Flex...

    Completely foreign to me...

    so I found this:

    but it looks like he is using somekind of server-side java in between the flex and the DB..., I guess it's called a "Remote Object" in flex terms.

    I remain fully over my head, but that site looks like it has a good deal of information that might be helpful.

    I'm kinda curious about flex..., I did just run into one of it's main weaknesses though..., this computer that I am currently using doesn't have Flash installed, so I wasn't able to view the examples at Macromedia's site...

    I might get the trial..., no harm in experimenting with new things.

    Hope I dredged up something useful...,

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    Thanks for all your help with this....

    If you are looking to demo Flex, i can save you 8 bucks and time.

    If you contact Macromedia Beta Team, Request to Beta Test "Brady". This is there MXML Dreamweaver type IDE that they are going to launch Late June. "Brady" comes with a Downloadable version of Flex, this is the only way that i have seen that you can download Flex, otherwise $8 for the demo.

    Flex is a very interesting product that i recommend anyone take a look at, besides the dynamic data issue that i am having, i love it. It is a huge time saver. I am sure someone with more XML - Dynamic Data, Flash and Dynamic Data, would love it also.
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