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Thread: Fedora Help

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    Fedora Help

    I decided to give linux a try, i've install redhat,mandrake,fedora and run knoppix on my system. But only knoppix manage to detect my NIC card which is an onboard lan provided by nvidia nForce network controller. I've just installed Fedora on my system but i do not know how to go about getting my internet connection up. Anyone can help ?

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    You I've had this problem, is your computer a laptop or a desktop?

    If its a laptop you could try typing linux on laptops into google and then finding your brand and model and they usually have quite good tutorials there, thats how I sorted mine out.

    Otherwise its really comes down to back ground reasearh, google *is* your best friend, search for your NIC + how to linux, that sort of thing.

    If knoppix works you can always transfer the drivers from knoppix across to your fedora box, I assume... You'll need a more advanced linux user to tell you how to do that though..


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