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Thread: Network Adaptor Problems

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    Network Adaptor Problems


    On my home network, I use a D-Link XA601 Powerline USB Adaptor. That adaptor works fine on desktop computers but will not work on my laptop. Any suggestions?

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    More info

    Greetings: Can you provide more information regarding your system?
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    The Laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1100. Celeron 2.2ghz, 256mb RAM, Windows XP Pro. I am using Internet Connection Sharing on a Desktop Computer to share the DSL connection with the USB Powerline Adaptors. The connection works on all 3 desktop computers but does not work on the laptop.

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    Search google for stuff. Maybe there is hardware crap out there that a nice warm driver upgrade could fix.

    Or maybe you should use RJ45 instead of USB to share connection.

    More ideas, make sure that the laptop is set up to use DHCP for its ip. I'll give you more of these "ideas" later, but it is David Bowie Sleep Time!!!
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    Is the 1394 USB connection enabled? I believe it is that protocall it would use if you are using a USB port for connection....but I could be wrong also, as I have never used an USB connection with my laptop.
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