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Thread: Windows Startup Screens

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    Windows Startup Screens

    Hello all:

    I have windows 98.
    I was told we could edit the startup and 2 shutdown screens.
    Which are the .sys files, which location ??
    Do we need Photoshop to edit those or just MSPaint would do?

    I also use Windows XP.
    Can we edit the user avathar shown in the login screen ??
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    Hi to you.

    Those .sys files you named are simply renamend .bmp or .jpg's i cant remember. You can edit them with any program that can save in one of those formats.

    Is this a question that should be asked in a security forum. Is this even worth asking as searching google like this.
    gives you all the information you need. Try to figure something like this out yourself before you ask.

    Yes the avatar can be edited. In the start menu simply click on it than things will be very clear from then.
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    Can we edit the user avathar shown in the login screen ??

    Go to Control Panel - > User Accounts - > Click on username - > Click Change my Picture...and select a new picture. no matter what size, WinXP will reszie it.....

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    Windows startup screens are simply bmp's pictures. You must set them in 256 colors, with a size of 320x400 pixels (don't care distortions, Windows will display them correctly).
    I remember that in Windows 9x, the name of the startup screen was "logo.sys". I am not sure it is the case with XP.
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