Hey, I wrote a minesweeper game as an exemption project for uni (which I mentioned in my high score thread). I was wondering if anyone would be interested in looking at it.

I decided to ask this time because it is a lot of code and it's pointless uploading it if no-one's interested in wading through thousands of lines. I've written a readme file that explains what each of my files do, so that's a consolation anyhow.

I just worry that I'll start annoying people by posting my code all the time because I seem to be the only person that's been doing that recently. I just like the idea of having a code review section where people will tell me what they think of my code. I would be perfectly willing to review other people's code providing I felt that I knew enough to do it in each individual case.

I just wonder why this section isn't called programming problems or something like that because it seems strange in a way that people wanted to have two tutorial sections, one for security tuts and one for other tuts, and then they don't seem to care that the code review section (for the most part) isn't about code review.

Sorry if I seem stuck up or anything like that, I'm just trying to ask a genuine question (not really sure what it is), but it's late and I'm finding it very difficult to concentrate on it. I hope some people can understand my post.