Hey Hey,

Well everyone I know seems to think I've got a very messed up network. So I decided it was time to diagram the network and share it. I've also added other major electronics (gaming consoles, DVD PLayers, TVs, and anything else Visio had diagrams for). We've also got a couple more printers and a few scanners, but I got lazy near the end... Anyways enjoy... I've uploaded all the files to my website.

Visio Diagram
JPEG of Visio Diagram
Visio Generated HTML Diagram

Even if you aren't interested in the network, I suggest you check out the HTML Diagram.... I've ever used Visio's save as html before, but it's definately cool. You can mouse over any of the items to see the details I've filled in for them.

Anyways.... share your networks if you desire, comment on my network... or stay silent... As always the choice is yours.