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Thread: Quick Logout

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    Quick Logout

    Hello All:

    I dont know how far I stand elegible 4 further suggestions..
    I feel its a bit so difficult to always go back to the main page(after browsing the forums) to logout.
    ( What I usually do now is Open the forums link in a new page, and then browse... When I need 2 logout I juz take the other window and logout.)
    How about having a Logout Link on every page ??
    It should look good and convenient.
    Maybe showing something like Logged_In_UserName(Logout_Link)

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    I doubt that JupMedia would go to all the trouble of inserting code into the relevant pages, when all you have to do is click 2 links and your logged out..

    ie:Home<----- located at top of each page

    Then click on the Log in/Out link on the front page of the site..

    What's so hard about doing that?

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    ?? Just close your browser window.
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    How is this method ?

    Hello All:

    Sorry, I voiced my openion not thinking of the feasibilities

    But now I have deviced a rather easier method for quick logout
    I use IE5.

    What I did?
    I went to
    Then, Favourites>Add to favourites .. Change the name to something like "Antionline Logout".. OK.
    Later, Favourties>Antionline(rt click->properties)
    Change the url to an add a shortcut key if u want. [I use Ctrl + Alt + L as the logout key..]

    Next time u want to logout, no matter which forum you are....
    Just press the shortcut key or go Favourites>Antionline logout

    Hope this method helps the AO freequenters.
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    well, that's nice and all but I'm with moxnix and just close my browser.
    I prefer to be automatically logged in when I come here..

    But if you share your computer, I suppose it wouldn't be a good thing..

    you should know however.. that in your edit options link available on the main page, you can select whether to have yourself automatically login.. and use cookies or not.

    and might I suggest that you upgrade to IE6 ? you'd be much better off..
    I posted some full IE6sp1 download links in this thread. Just make sure you go to ms's update afterwards and get the rest of the patches..

    and finally, since you're relatively new to AO.. let me say.. "welcome to AO"

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