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Thread: I can't empy my damn trash!

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    I can't empy my damn trash!

    I'm running RedHat 9 since I got bored. I ended up deleting a bunch of stuff while I was su-. The problem now is I get the following error message

    /home/.... cannot be deleted because you do not have permissions to modify its parent folder.
    Someone who actually knows what they are doing mind giving me a hand?


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    The reason this happens is simply because you deleted a folder or file that had root access while having gnome mod you as temporarily as root (that little key thing in the systray). This means you deleted something, lost the root (gnome removes the temp root access after a few minutes) and can't remove the full thing from the trash because your normal user does not own it.

    Here is an idea on how to fix that:

    1. Open up a terminal, Xterm, gnome term, I don't care.
    2. run the command:
    su root
    3. Once as root let's head to the needed directory with this command:
    cd /home/yourusername/.Trash
    4. Now run (carefully!) the command:
    rm -rf *

    And bam, it's all out of the Trash can. However, that directory structure is for Slackware, and while it may be similar since we are both in gnome (I'm in 2.6 I'm assuming 2.4 for you) and thus it may be in /home/username/Desktop/.Trash. Search around a bit to get the proper folder, but the procedure will be the same once you get inside the actual trash folder.

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