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Thread: Site Check - Get Reviews | Feedback

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    Site Check - Get Reviews | Feedback

    Well since Neg's idea hasn't really seemed to take off I thought I would create this thread as a place for people to showcase their latest Web-creations for other users to give feedback on.

    So guess I'll go first

    Domain :
    Type : Blog | Pics | Files | Tutorials
    Languages : HTML | PHP | CSS
    Development : Heavily based on pBlog with additional changes by me


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    Jun 2003

    Domain :
    Type : Personal webpage, texts (tutorials and stuff)
    Languages : HTML | CSS
    Development : My site means nothing in the field of webdevelopment (This is the best I can do, don't know any server-side scripting languages). I'm currently working on a wargame though. An bit alternative though due to the fact I don't know php and stuff.
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    nice site el-half
    easy to navigate, no frills - but gets all the information across in an organised way which is fitting for the site


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    Apr 2003
    DOmain :
    Type (personal website, Computer Help)
    Language (HTML, PHP)
    Development: All macroMedia Products

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    Ok, I have a much simplier site than you guys. I put it together for truckdrivers actually. So many don't know anything about computers and have a tendency not to trust non-truckdrivers, so I made this site to reference simple security practices that everyone should do and know about.

    There is not any programing or anything else fancy used......just the templates that were provided by Freewebs.
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    Type: Personal webpage, rants, video, and a forum
    Languages: html | php (message board)
    Development: Macromedia Dreamweaver / Photoshop

    I'm just curious as to how the layout of it is according to some folks here. I'm in the process of optimizing it for 800 x 600, as its currently made out for 1024 x 768.. so if you have a smaller screen resolution keep that in mind. If nothing else my video is the best thing on the site and worth looking at

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    Val - nice theme, how do you like plog?
    El - I think livejournal or one of those bloggers offers a rss feed of your blog... maybe that will help along with a quick php rss feed? offers something I use on my site.
    MemorY - I like that font on the top... does it have a name? Maybe try .gifs instead of jpegs on your buttons... it will lose the artifacts around the text.
    introonline- nice.. nice... if you did the logo in photoshop, maybe change the anti aliasing method on "your online information center".. other than that.. nice
    Mox - good choice on the template
    thadbme - I like the prototype better, try arial 10 point font for your body text.

    Domain :
    Type : Blog | Portfolio | Tutorials | Whatever the hell I want
    Languages : HTML | PHP | CSS | MySQL
    Development : Scripted by me, all my own graphics, blog is powered, so I can use blog this on the blogger toolbar. W3C html and CSS, but maybe not on every page (havent checked the slideshow)


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    Webius Designerous Indiginous
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    Mar 2002
    South Florida
    Domain : (still under dev)
    Type (my business website, A current customers site)
    Language (HTML, PHP, CSS, JScript, MySQL)
    Development: All of this is done with strait code. I do all my code by hand. In the beginning it took a bit longer, but now I can write freehand code faster than most wysiwyg's.

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    Soda_Popinsky, where do you see a blog at my website, it's just a guestbook.
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    el-half, I really liked your site. I liked the code section, especially the java program to multiply two numbers without using the * operator. It was unfortunate that it used * to make the number positive if it was negative, so I rewrote it.

    All you had to do was num=0-num assuming num is the negative number. For example, if you have -6, 0 - (-6) == 0+6 which is the same as (-6)*(-1). Also, I added in a bit to check which number was smaller and it uses that number in the for loop to keep the number of times the for loop is run to a minimum.

    Man, that program was sweet. Thanks.


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